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Tango Classes LondonArgentine tango is more than a dance. It is a culture, a music and a passion! Tango is a universal, powerful and subtle non-verbal language for communication through intense connection. Learn how to communicate with another man or a woman without saying a thing. Learn how to lead or be lead with this passionate dance.

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Argentine tango is about the connection and improvisation between two complete strangers. To be in sync while moving without speaking. With tango you can achieve the feeling of one body, four legs. Find out more about tango to see why it is so special and why so many people want to learn it.

Search through our directory of tango classes in London to find out how to begin your journey. We have a large list of tango lessons in Central, North, South, East & West London to choose from. The majority of the lessons are in the evening and on the weekdays, but with so many classes around London, you will be able to find one near your home or workplace. So there are no excuses not to go.

There are a range of lessons but they are typically beginners tango classes, although some venues do have improvers or intermediate classes. Most classes are drop-in with no partner required. There is no need to feel shy with many other people being absolute beginners too and you will often meet other first-timers. The first time going alone may be frightening but after one lesson you will want to go back again. Read our tango for beginners guide to feel more prepared for your first class.

There are many different types of tango and the most popular to learn is Argentine tango. This is a more social form of dancing, and lessons teach you the basics of tango so you will be able to dance with an absolute stranger. Social dancing (once you have been to enough classes) are known as milongas and some classes have these as part of the lesson so you can practise what you have been taught. Started in the 19th century streets of Buenos Aires, it is now one of the more popular types of dances around the world.

Really, there are no reasons or excuses why you shouldn’t go. So start finding an Argentine tango lesson near you.

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